Address :

31 North Buona Vista Road Singapore 275983


68741733 (Main Line)



Board Members
  • Chairman
    Mr LOH Khum Yean
    Permanent Secretary, Public Service Division

    Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Law
    6332 7300
  • Member
    Mr Joseph LEONG
    Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications and Information

    Permanent Secretary (Cybersecurity), Prime Minister’s Office

    Permanent Secretary, Smart Nation and Digital Government, PMO
    6332 1301
  • Member
    Mr PANG Kin Keong
    Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs
    6478 6002
  • Member
    Ms TAN Gee Keow
    Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth
    6977 7771
  • Member
    Dr LEE Shiang Long
    Group Chief Technology & Digital Officer
    ST Engineering
    6660 7118
  • Member
    Mr Cyril CHUA
    Managing Director, Robinson LLC
    6532 0112
  • Member
    Ms Sasha FOO
    Managing Director, DBS Bank Limited
  • Member
    Mr Mohammad Shariq BARMAKY
    Regional Managing Partner,
    Audit & Assurance,
    Deloitte Southeast Asia
    6530 5508
  • Member
    Mr Clarence TI
    Deputy President (Administration), National University of Singapore
    6516 1818
  • Member
    Ms ANG Wan May
    Managing Partner, EgonZehnder International, Singapore
    6422 0826
  • Dean & CEO
    Mr HAN Neng Hsiu
    Deputy Secretary (Leadership) -Designate, Public Service Division Dean & CEO- Designate, Civil Service College
  • Member
    Mr Paul CHOO
    Chief HR Officer, Bridgestone Asia Pacific
    6540 4034
  • Member
    Mr Wahab YUSOFF
    Vice-President, Asia Pacific & Japan, Delinea
  • Member
    Prof. Henrik BRESMAN
    Associate Professor, Organisational Behaviour, INSEAD
    6799 5396
Senior Statutory Board Officers & Their Personal Assistants
  • Dean & CEO
    Ms ONG Toon Hui
  • Dean & CEO -Designate
    Mr HAN Neng Hsiu
  • Personal Assistant to Ms Ong Toon Hui, Dean & CEO
    Ms CHONG Gek Choo Joyce
  • Assistant Chief Executive (Corporate)
    Mr HOE Wee Meng
    6874 7517
  • Chief Digital Strategy Officer
    Mr HOE Wee Meng
    6874 7517
  • Quality Service Manager
    Mr HOE Wee Meng
    1800-874 0604
  • Personal Assistant to Mr HOE Wee Meng, Assistant Chief Executive (Corporate)
    Ms NG Yang Ling Caroline
    6874 1716
  • Assistant Chief Executive (International)
    Mr TAN Tian Hong Roger, PPA (P), PPA (G), PBS
    68749873, 1800-8740604
  • Personal Assistant to Mr TAN Tian Hong Roger, Assistant Chief Executive (International)
    Ms NG Yang Ling Caroline
  • Assistant Chief Executive (Strategy & Transformation)
    Mr LAU Patrick Wei Peng
  • Chief Data Officer
    Mr LAU Patrick Wei Peng
    6874 1029
  • Personal Assistant to Mr LAU Patrick Wei Peng , Assistant Chief Executive (Strategy & Transformation)
    Ms NG Yang Ling Caroline
  • Chief L&D Officer
    Ms NG Yi Ling Eleanor