• Drives Age Well SG initiative as part of ForwardSG and supports plans for seniors as part of HealthierSG, as well as the Action Plan for Successful Ageing • Ensures service planning, capacity and capability building for assets and services for seniors. This includes both residential (e.g., Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities) and non-residential facilities (e.g., Active Ageing Centres, Senior Care Centres) as well as services (e.g., Home Care – Home Health, Enhanced Home Personal Care, Meals on Wheels, Medical Escort and Transport) which help anchor a senior’s care in the community. • Promotes healthy ageing in the community through participation in active ageing programmes (e.g., functional health screening, physical and cognitive exercises, learning and volunteerism) • Leads Frailty and Dementia strategy and policy development, to improve the ecosystem of care for these senior-centric conditions • Grows ecosystem of initiatives to better support caregivers in caring for their loved ones in the community which include respite care, financing support, care navigation and community support networks. • Ensures service planning, capacity and capability building in the palliative care sector to support Singaporean’s wishes to pass on at home or in the community, in familiar surroundings, close to their loved ones. • Leverages research and development efforts through implementation of the National Innovation Challenge on Ageing in support of our ageing priorities